Owners comments and pictures of our 1st litter of puppies.
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"He's great.  Already knows how to go
through the dog door and dig holes."
"She's doing great.  At four months she weighs
40lbs.  She loves our grandkids and she sticks to
me like glue. Thanks for a great dog."
"He weighs 59 lbs already and is scheduled to get
neutered next week.  He has such a great personality! He
is definitely smart, bratty, and LOVES everyone.  He
also currently likes to jump (which we're working on )."
"Just wanted to touch base and let
you know that we are just head over
heels in love with Billie.  She is such a
good dog.  She is “free ranging” and
has pretty much learned not to chase
the chickens and she even has made
friends with our bunny, Miss Martha.  
She likes to hang out in the pasture
with our boy alpacas.  They chase each
other around and generally just have
fun.  She’s in the lake 2 or 3 times a
day so she mostly looks kind of
straggly and wet.  She is really a gem."
behaved SO well! He didn't make one mess on the
way there or back and sat calmly in my lap as we
waited to be seen. Our vet Dr. Shaw fell in love with
Roo the moment he walked into the room!"
"My family and I would like to thank
you for breeding such a wonderful
dog.  Many heads turn every time we
take the dog out in public, and we
receive nothing but compliments on
his looks and demeanor.  He is
extremely friendly and loves people.  
It is evident that Goldendoodles are
very smart dogs.  Harley was easy to
train and listens well. Thanks for
"We are loving and enjoying our puppy Max.  We know
now that we had made a great decision in adopting Max
shining.  He is extremely smart and learns tricks with
great ease.  He loves to fetch and catch with toys and
balls. He knows the sit, paw and down command and was
house trained very easily.  He enjoys being with people
and people love him.  He is so adorable that
people stop us in cars and ask information about him,
and the cute word is overly used in our house because
of him.  When we spoke with you about
Max before meeting him you warned us of his
dominance in the group and we willingly accepted the
challenge.   We have been working with him and
he does try to get away with more with certain family
members.  We are always working on corrections and
know that he will be a wonderful dog for life.
The love that fills our house with Max was well worth
the 12 hours round trip we took to adopt Max.  Thanks
again Freeman Family.  Tell Gigi and Zorro
they raised a wonderful son name Max."